How To Identify The Right Ventilation For Your Sub Floor

A well ventilated home is not only comfortable to stay in but it keeps you away from the dangers that come with dampness. There are many risks that are linked with staying in a damp home. You can easily get respiratory complications and your home can get infested by termites which can cause serious damage. You would then be required to repair your home which can be very costly.

Your sub floor is a part of the home that can easily be forgotten when you are planning on how to ventilate your home. In order to ensure that your entire home is safe for habitation, it is important to get the right sub floor ventilation for your home.

When Should You Consider Sub Floor Ventilation?

You should consider having your sub floor inspected if your home has a musty smell and you notice mould on the walls. If the inspection reveals that your under floor is damp, it means that there is a high amount of moisture. It is important to immediately install sub floor ventilation since the moisture will encourage the spread of fungi. You will also have to deal with bacteria which breed very well in damp areas.

A damp under floor will encourage the growth of mold which causes the development of fungal spores. These spores when inhaled cause respiratory problems such as wheezing, coughing and difficulty in breathing. Moisture in your under floor will damage your home which will encourage the presence of cockroaches and rats.

Which Type Of Ventilation Should You Install?

The first thing you should do once you discover that your under floor is not well ventilated is to get an expert to calculate the airflow in that area. This exercise will enable the experts to know how much ventilation will be required to keep the sub floor dry. The calculation of the airflow will also enable the experts to know where to place the vents and the fans.

Some considerations have to be made before suitable ventilation is put in place. The location of your home and the type of soil on which it is built on will determine the system to be installed. If your home is prone to flooding, this will mean that the vents should be placed high enough to avoid under floor flooding.

Importance Of Sub Floor Ventilation

Sub floor ventilation is important as it gets rid of the moist air from the under floor and replaces it with fresh air from the outside which is dry. Vents are installed on the walls of the building in order to allow free air flow into the sub floor. However, this free airflow may not be sufficient to keep your under floor dry. You can therefore use fans which will push the moist air out and will allow fresh drier air to come in.

Normally the fans are installed in strategic positions so that a cross flow of air is created. This is where the fans that are to bring in fresh air are placed on one side and the ones that expel the moist air are placed on the opposite side. Alternatively, a fan can be connected to a pipe so that the air is expelled to the outside through the pipe.

Why You Need The Right Sub Floor Ventilation

A safe and healthy home and work environment is a must if you are to be in good health. You should be able to breathe in clean fresh air as you go about your activities in the building. A musty and damp room can cause you to develop allergies and respiratory infections whereby you end up coughing and wheezing. You can however stay in a healthy home by ensuring that it is well ventilated. You should also ensure that you have sufficient sub floor ventilation in your home in order to have a safe environment to live in.

How Sub Floor Ventilation Works

If you have a sub floor that is damp, has mold and a stale smell then you definitely need some form of sub floor ventilation. Ventilation gets rid of the damp air and replaces it with dry fresh air. The simplest form of ventilation is natural ventilation where vents are set up on the walls of the building. This allows fresh air to move into the rooms and the basement.

If natural ventilation does not work well enough, you can install fans in the sub floor. The fans will get rid of the damp air and will replace it with fresh air from outside. The fans should be placed strategically to ensure that fresh air comes in from one side and the damp air is expelled from the other side. If fresh air comes in from opposite sides, there is a risk of the damp stale air rising into the building thus causing a health hazard.

What Causes Dampness?

Dampness occurs when moisture accumulates inside a building and does not have a way of getting out into the open. The moisture gets trapped in the building due to poor ventilation. An accumulation of moisture results in the growth of mould which can easily spread in the sub floor. The mould then gives rise to fungal spores which become airborne.

The fungal spores are a health hazard when inhaled because they are known to affect the respiratory system. You can end up developing respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis and you may also experience chest pains.

Planning For Sub Floor Ventilation

It is always better to plan for sub floor ventilation during the design of your house. This will ensure that you do not have to modify your house later on in order to accommodate ventilation. The ventilation rate of your sub floor should therefore be established so that you can get the ventilators that will give your under floor sufficient air flow.

When planning your landscaping, you should ensure that the vents that are meant for ventilating the under floor are not obstructed. You should also consider the positioning of the vents if you want to build in an area that is prone to flooding during the rainy season. The vents should be raised to avoid water getting in and increasing the risk of dampness.

Benefits Of Sub Floor Ventilation

Once you have the right sub floor ventilation in place, you will keep your home free from condensation, mildew, mould and dampness. Your home will also be free from bad odors and from termites which can cause great damage to the structure of your home.

Why You Should Have Sufficient Sub Floor Ventilation

Your home is the place where you spend a lot of your time and you should therefore ensure that the environment is safe and healthy. Pollution in your home is a health hazard and proper ventilation will ensure that you do not have to deal with any health risks.

You should therefore ensure that your whole house is properly ventilated. You should also confirm that the under floor is well ventilated as it also contributes to the pollution of your home. The right sub floor ventilation will keep your home healthy and safe for you and your loved ones.

What Causes Dampness?

Due to the various activities that take place in the home, moisture is bound to build up in the air. When this air cools down, condensation takes place and water droplets form on cold surfaces such as the walls and windows. The accumulation of water droplets in the home causes it to become damp. The damp surfaces become a breeding ground for mould and if the home has structural supports made from timber, they can rot and get damaged. The supports will then have to be replaced which can be costly.

The Dangers Of A Damp Under Floor

When there is an accumulation of moisture on your under floor, this moisture can get absorbed by the floor of your home. If this floor is made from timber, it will end up expanding due to the moisture. This will cause the timber to lift up and your floor will become uneven. Termites are also attracted to moist areas and can cause serious damage to the timber on your sub floor.

Mould spreads very fast in moist surfaces and can cause breathing problems, chest pains and you can even end up developing asthma. Dust mites are also attracted to damp areas and you can develop eczema when they land on your skin. The dangers of having too much moisture on your under floor can be life threatening and you should therefore ensure that you have sufficient sub floor ventilation.

Benefits Of Sub Floor Ventilation

Once you have sufficient ventilation on your under floor, your health will be much better as you will breathe in fresh clean air that is free from fungal spores and other allergens. Pests such as termites will no longer be attracted to your home, and you will not have to deal with rats and cockroaches which are also attracted to damp areas. Fungal decay of the timber in your under floor will not occur and the structure of your home will be intact.

You also have the option of installing vents around your under floor that are in a color which will make your home look attractive. As long as you use vents which are resistant to corrosion such as brass vents, there will be no cost of maintenance. If you need to install fans to have adequate sub floor ventilation, you can use the ones which have a timer which will reduce the cost of running them.

Getting The Right Ventilation

When you realize that you have a damp under floor, it is best to engage an expert who will assess the area. He can then advise you on what you can do to ensure that you have sufficient sub floor ventilation.

Retractable Awnings Make Great Additions To Any Home

Retractable awnings can provide you with sun or shade at the push of a button. They have steadily gained popularity among homeowners for their versatility and convenience. Let’s delve deeper into the many uses and advantages of installing a canopy that can be folded up at a moment’s notice.

Primary Uses

Many homeowners use retractable canopies to cover their back patios while entertaining outdoors. These retractable units will stretch over a good portion of the deck area, and then they will pull back into the wall when they are no longer needed. All you need to do is hit a switch. Some creative party planners have even placed a series of retractable units to follow the sunlight throughout a given yard.

The units effectively provide shade during the brightest and warmest of days, yet they can also form a cozy shelter in the event of an unanticipated drizzle. This is because many of these units are waterproof and prevent water from penetrating through the fabric that makes up the canopy portion. You can also change the slope of the outstretched awning to accommodate the rain and control its run-off.

Retractable patio cover systems can also be converted into client-controlled “outdoor rooms” by enclosing the sides and front using fabric screens attached by zippers. These rooms can be heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer for year-round entertaining.

There are also retractable canopies that are specifically manufactured for large picture windows. They easily block the glaring sheen experienced indoors when the sun is high in the sky; however, they can be retracted during the later hours to allow in an ample amount of light.

Advantages Over Fixed Awnings

Retractable awnings offer homeowners many advantages over the typical fixed type. Not only are they designed to fold away for controlled placement and to protect the unit in all kinds of weather, but they also last much longer and are much easier to install.

Since they are much more durable than the standard type, many retractable canopies have become long-term fixtures on the outsides of many homes. In addition to offering heat, glare, and UV ray protection, they also add a classy touch to the building’s exterior. After all, fixed units have unsightly poles and supports, while a free-hanging canopy appears to be more of a natural extension of your home.

Retractable units are also much easier to install. They are usually easily mounted onto a home’s exterior at sturdy points such as a beam or a wall. There is no major construction required, and most homeowners find that they can handle the labor by themselves.

However, perhaps one of the biggest advantages that retractable units have over the regular type is that they are designed to fit over small areas like windows and atypical areas like second-floor decks. Fixed canopies are not made for those purposes. Retractable units have the advantage of being custom-sized to fit any area exactly, and with several different retractable styles, you can easily select small canopies for sun-facing windows or longer dome canopies to shade wide exteriors.

Having retractable awnings installed over your patio or window can provide you with peace of mind. You can turn a hot back deck into a cool retreat in seconds and eliminate annoying glare in your living room without drawing your curtains. You can also entertain outside in almost all weather – even in the pouring rain. For all the reasons above, these units are sure to remain a choice addition to the exteriors of homes for years to come.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture that is also called as patio furniture or garden furniture is that type of furniture that is specifically designed for any type of outdoor use. It is made typically of materials that are highly resistant to weather. For example aluminum is a highly weather resistant material which does not rust at all.

The seating of outdoor furniture

This kind of furniture is sold mostly as a patio set that consists of four to six chairs, a table and a parasol. This picnic table is used for the main purpose of eating your meals outdoors. The long chairs are referred to as the chaise longue and these are also very common items. Recently the seating furniture has also been used for the conversation areas that uses items like the couches.

Materials used in outdoor furniture

The most common materials that are used in the making of furniture are wood, aluminum, plastic and also wrought iron. As the wooden outdoor furniture can easily suffer because of the exposure to various elements, it essentially has to be treated. Teak is also a very commonly used material for garden or outdoor furniture. It contains natural silica and this makes it highly resistant to any type of fungal decay. Most of the effects of water and also chemicals are put away because of silica.

When a Teak is weathered, it also loses its original look but in turn it gains a very majestic and almost a silver glow. Most of the owners prefer this aged look of the teak because it has the resistance to infestation and rotting. It can also be appreciated without much upkeep. The aluminum outdoor furniture is long lasting and robust. However if the coating that is protecting it gets rusted, it can easily corrode. The plastic furniture is water proof naturally, thus it can be left outside throughout the year.

This kind of furniture is used in households that have a good outer space such as a verandah. The people in such a house prefer spending their time on the outsides because of the fresh air that is in plenty. Thus they end up spending a significant amount of time outside. If you are one of these people, it is definitely worth it for you to invest in this type of furniture. You will enjoy their use and you will also end up breathing a significant amount of fresh air on a daily basis.

Choosing the Best Style of Place Mats for Outdoor Patio Table

When someone likes to eat at the table that is on their patio, they are going to want to make it a very comfortable place. They may choose to purchase place mats and table runners for this. The size and type of table that is purchased is going to need to be considered too.

The tables will be different colours of metal or wood as well. This is something that should be taken into consideration when someone is purchasing their place mats. There are many that are custom designed also.

Everybody will be looking for a different style of place setting though. They may want something that is very colourful or something that is all one colour. There are a lot of different options.

When they find a company that is making these from material that they have created, it can be something that is very fancy. There are many different types of fabrics that are being used in creating these. The size of these do not usually change much from one manufacturer to the next though.

Not everybody will love every single design that is going to be created by a designer, but when there are more people that are looking for their design over another manufacturer, they are likely to have something that is going to look amazing. There are many different designs used for outdoor place settings also. Some of them are going to have animals, while others are going to have flowers or another design.

Colourful designs are common for outdoor living spaces. This is because of the beautiful scenery that is around it. There may be bright coloured leaves or flowers that will be found in these areas.

They have to make sure that there are a lot of choices to consider also. They have a lot of different opportunities that are going to be chosen by many of consumers. They may have all of their place settings designed the same or have different ones for each one.

Canvas is a material that is durable when the placemats are made with this. It is also something that will not get ruined if it is left out in the weather. There are a lot of different choices for designs and fabrics when people are purchasing a place mat.

There are several different types of place settings that are going to be used in every type of atmosphere. Everyone is going to need a different number of these also. The average number for most people will be four, but some families will need to have many more.

If they entertain a lot, then there will be many others that are required. This is something that is going to need to be taken into consideration when they are choosing these too. Outdoor furnishings offer many different designs and styles though.

There are a lot of different shapes that these can be found in also. Rectangle, oval and many other shapes are possible. Most people are going to be purchasing a complete set of these, including the table runners that go along with them.

The outside patio table can vary in size. Most homeowners are going to purchase enough place settings for the table that they have. There are going to be several different ones that are available for them to choose from, but the selection can change based on the seasons and much more.

The availability of place mats in the design that a person wants will be important to consider. There are a lot of different options for each size and style. Some people will purchase these individually, but others are going to purchase them in a set so that all of them match perfectly.

Caring for Retractable Awnings During Winter

For homes with retractable awnings, regular maintenance is crucial. This is particularly true in the winter months. When the temperatures begin to drop, it can be easy to forget about taking care of this part of a home. However, not taking the proper precautions can result in damage. The following are some tips to keep them in great shape during the winter.

Inspect for Mildew

A major issue for outdoor fabric surfaces is the build up of mildew. It is to be expected with retractable awnings since they are constantly exposed to the elements. It is important to identify mildew and clean it as soon as possible. Carefully inspect the fabric for any mildew stains or other discoloration.

Use the Proper Cleaners

Keeping retractable awnings clean is one of the easiest ways to ensure they last for years. Snow and rainwater can build up and cause mildew, so regular cleaning is key. However, it is important to use the right type of cleaner designed for outdoor surfaces in order to get it as clean as possible. Spray the inside and outside as it rolls to allow the cleaner to distribute properly along the fabric surface. Allow it to soak, and then spray it clean with a hose. Avoid scrubbing the surface as it can remove the water-resistant finish.

Check for Tears

Another thing to look for is a tear in the awning. Check the edges and seams to ensure there are no rips or tears anywhere in the fabric. If there is damage present, patch it with a kit that can be obtained from the manufacturer to prevent any further damage.

Consider Storing for the Winter

It may be beneficial to store retractable awnings for the winter to prevent mold or damage from snow and rainwater. For homeowners in particularly cold climates, it is especially beneficial since they are likely to spend little time outdoors. If storing them is an option, be sure that it is completely dry to avoid any mold or mildew growth or other damage.

Storing them during the cold months can also prevent damage caused by animals. Small animals and birds may like to make the awning into their home for the winter, and this can often result in damage or stains.

Retractable awnings are a great addition to any home and are often a large investment. Keeping them in the best condition will yield many years of enjoyment. Wintertime is harsh on any outdoor surface but is particularly harmful to fabrics. Taking these steps can guarantee that the awnings will be highly useful for years to come.

Types of Excavating Companies

In general, excavating is removing debris and dirt from land by using manual labor and heavy construction machines. Some think that there is only one type of excavating company. Actually, many excavating companies specialize in certain forms of excavation. For example, road excavation, home foundation installation, dirt removal, and sewage excavation are some specialties. Each specialty excavating company uses certain construction equipment made to help on a different excavation project. Working for excavating companies can be a lucrative career but it does involve long hours and hard work.

When a home foundation is built, it is not a simple project but one that requires specialized training and experience. The excavating companies that do this project are usually general contractors. They understand the footer excavation procedures for home types and the fundamentals for basic home design. They require someone to drive the backhoe to dig the foundation footers.

Another type of excavating companies is used to make drain fields. Drain fields are sewage lines required for building or home construction. These require the training and knowledge in sloping techniques and land grading. This training and knowledge is important to make sure that the sewage system is draining correctly on the building site of the home or building.

Designing and building a roadway is also a specialty. These excavating companies specialize in the development of roads. To prepare and then finish road surfaces these companies require special construction equipment. They need asphalt machines, heavy loaders, graders, rollers, and more. To operate this equipment will requires specialty experience and training. This is necessary to make sure that the road surface created is level.

Some of these companies do ground clearing and tree removal. They use heavy machinery to remove logs and shrubs from lots for homes and building construction. Most of these companies use dump trucks, backhoes, and loaders to remove debris from the land. This heavy equipment is used in combination with grader equipment. This is so the land will be level after the trees and shrubs have been taken away.

Excavating companies that are familiar with techniques in water drainage and ground erosion would be the company to call if you want a pond built. Most of these ponds use water from streams nearby so the ponds are more suitable for natural habitat. An excavating company would build the pond and then a little trench in order for the water from the streams to flow into the man-made ponds.

Some of these companies also branch out into doing work like laying gas pipes and water lines. This job uses special equipment to dig and lay long piping material made from concrete under the ground. The gas and water pipes are usually installed to provide towns and suburban cities with heat and water.